Karjat–Jamkhed integrated development foundation: A dream come true

The ‘Karjat–Jamkhed Integrated Development Foundation’ is a dream that I had nurtured for long in my heart. The project is a part of my vision for the development of my constituency Karjat Jamkhed that has showered so much of love and faith in me. One of the key objectives of this endeavour was to put the region prominently on the map of not just Maharashtra but also India.

So, when this dream turned into reality … it was the beginning of an exciting journey. A journey to tap the huge unexplored potential of this region and share the fruits of development with all.

My vision is to turn Karjat–Jamkhed into a brand that has a global recognition and a global appeal.

The foundation, with its comprehensive and holistic approach to development, brings all the stakeholders on one platform.

The KJID experiment has no parallels in the country and has the potential to become a template for development in the future for all public representatives.

I firmly believe that sincere and well-directed institutional efforts can work wonders.

I have grown in the family watching the success story of the Agricultural Development Trust (ADT), which works for the welfare of the farmers and makes immense contribution to agricultural development of the state.

The foundation for ADT was laid by Hon’ble Sharad Pawar Saheb & Padmashree Appasaheb Pawar took it forward till his last breath. Rajendra Pawar and Sunandatai Pawar carried the legacy forward with aplomb.

From a very young age these family members became an inspiration to dream big and to do something meaningful for the society.

Their concerns for the masses was an idea that took roots in my mind and heart as a child and has guided my social and political thinking.

The purpose of KJIDF is overall development of Karjat-Jamkhed constituency, involving not just the government but also the private players who are willing to become a part of this success story.

My critics say that the involvement of private players bears testimony to the fact that the state government does not have funds for this unique project.

I would most humbly tell my political rivals that history is replete with success stories of public private partnerships and the wonders that a joint effort can achieve.

The aim is to involve the private players, knowing that their resources and their experiences can go a long way in development of the area.

The government is already doing a lot of welfare work to help people. With private players joining in this effort, we can achieve wonders.

This foundation is going to work not just with the private players but will also involve volunteers, local people and various other organizations to bring about wholesome development for the area.

One of the key features of this vision is to harness the potential of Karjat Jamkhed as a tourist destination.

This would not just put the region on the tourist map, but will also generate employment, help local businesses and promote entrepreneurship opportunities for the youth and the women of the region.

State Tourism and Environment Minister Aaditya Thackeray who launched the Karjat-Jamkhed Integrated Development Foundation rightly said that tourism should be the key investment point in every state.

Speaking at the launch this is what Aaditya Thackeray said: “I have travelled extensively across India and around the world and have seen many beautiful temples, forts and safaris. All such tourist spots exist in Maharashtra but, unfortunately, they remain unexplored. Development of tourism in the state is the need of the hour and I think the development of Karjat-Jamkhed will serve as an example.”

I not only agree with his observations but am also confident that with the help of people of the region we will prove this true.

Internet and social media are very crucial platforms in today’s world for reaching out to people.

So, this foundation also has a website which will provide various information regarding Karjat – Jamkhed constituency.

The website will have information about the tourist spots in Karjat – Jamkhed, various events taking place in the area, information and permits regarding picturization, photography and outdoor shooting at any of the locations in the area along with eating joints and accommodation facilities and other general information.

A web series based on 22 tourist destinations in Karjat – Jamkhed has also been launched. This series has six episodes and every week one episode is going to be aired on ‘You Tube’.

They say “well begun is half done”. We have taken the first step. I am confident that as the journey progresses, we will bring more projects together like MIDC investments & many others will join and together we will make our constituency Karjat – Jamkhed a unique success story of all-round development.


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