If the country is to move forward with its economy, it needs to efficiently develop its industrial sector. Creating a conducive environment for the start-up of more and more industries is the need of the hour. Only then can we re-introduce Maharashtra as an industrial state which was once known as the most industrialized state in the country. However, the infrastructure required for building new industries is facing endless difficulties like roads, water, electricity, land and capital.  New policies are needed to set up more industries in Maharashtra. New industries will provide more employment opportunities which in turn will give impetus to the economy. This can give scope for the start-up of many new small and medium entrepreneurs.

Currently, entrepreneurs have to face endless difficulties in setting up industries in Maharashtra. The process has political and administrative problems, along with technical challenges. Lack of smooth and transparent processes in setting up new industries also poses many difficulties for foreign investments, which makes it difficult to set up new and large companies in Maharashtra. For this, a conducive environment must be created for industries in Maharashtra. Strict policies must be implemented for independent industries. A business-friendly environment should be created for the industrial sector of the state.

MLA Rohitdada Pawar is a successful entrepreneur himself. He is aware of the issues, problems and necessary solutions for the entrepreneurs. He regularly interacts with the entrepreneurs and raises their concerns with the Central and State Governments. He had promised his constituency to start Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) in Karjat Jamkhed. After getting elected, MLA Rohit Dada kept his word and made efforts to get approval from the state government. He is insistent on building a modern industrialized Maharashtra of his vision. He is putting efforts to establish Maharashtra as a global industrial state. MLA Rohit Dad has emphasized solving GST related problems of the entrepreneurs, a one-stop-shop scheme for them to set up industries, resolving all the issues that come up while matching the required documents and raising capital for new industries. As a people’s representative, MLA Rohit Dada not only raises the issues and problems of the entrepreneurs but he is always ready to follow up with the Central and State Governments regarding the resolutions of those issues. He is working as a link between the Central and State Governments and entrepreneurs. He is committed to safeguarding the interests of entrepreneurs.

Rohitdada, is an entrepreneur and is now a people’s representative. He is focused on empowering the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). According to him, if the state’s industrial economy is to gain momentum, the government must empower MSMEs. Only then can millions of young people get jobs, and we can rebuild Maharashtra as an industrial state. His dream is to establish Maharashtra as the priority state to set up industries nationally and globally. MLA Rohit Dad is confident that with the government’s strong support, we can restore the past glory and golden age of industrial Maharashtra.