Modernisation & Transformation

Education is the foundation of all-round development. The purpose of education is not only to make a person literate but also to make him a self-reliant, self-sufficient and moral character citizen. Educated citizens make up an educated society. Modernization and transformation in the traditional teaching methods is the need of the hour. This will require fundamental changes in the laws of education. This can be achieved by developing innovative teaching and learning methods and developing new models with the help of modern technology. The education system needs to cope up with the fast-changing world. So it has become imperative to design a new curriculum to develop a skilled workforce by recognizing the need for the industrial sector. This will help the new generation gain a broad perspective and become self-reliant and self-sufficient citizens. In the modern world of information technology, the traditional education system comprising of chalk and slates has been replaced by computers, projectors, tabs and mobiles. Online learning is open through video conferencing. The internet has brought education in urban and rural areas to the same level. A single click on a gadget can give you ample information about anything. It has opened the world of knowledge to the students. If we want to make our rural youths of Maharashtra and India competent enough, then we must upgrade and adapt our education system based on the latest technology. MLA Rohitdada Pawar aspires to modernize and transform the education methods.

He started his political career as a member of Pune Zilla Parishad. At that time, he had emphasized on upgrading many Pune Zilla Parishad schools with modern technology. He also provided the necessary infrastructure to many schools. He always emphasizes that modernization should be done in educational institutions in every corner of Maharashtra, whether it is government or private. Equal opportunities for all and the highest quality education is his motto. All schools in rural areas of Karjat – Jamkhed constituency were closed during the lockdown. As a result, school and college students were losing their studies. To continue education for those students, MLA Rohitdada Pawar came up with an innovative initiative called #MyVillageMySchool.

He appealed to the youth to voluntarily participate in this initiative and start conducting classes in their villages, communities, schools, and temples. Hundreds of youths spontaneously responded to the appeal of MLA Rohit Dada. Along with the school curriculum, they imparted training in arts, sports and yoga. Even the school children and parents responded overwhelmingly to this initiative and its success was discussed across the state.

Modernization and transformation of education by adding new technology is the need of the hour. MLA Rohit Dada Pawar aims to transcend caste, religion, language, creed, and region and bring every Indian citizen into the stream of education.