Agriculture is the backbone of our country’s economy. Therefore, if we want to boost the economy, we need to empower the farmers who are the providers for crores of people.

In India, a farmer who grows cash crops like food grains, fruits, vegetables, husks, sugarcane, cotton, and grapes finds himself in some or the other financial crises every year. He has to face droughts, heavy rains, storms, hailstorms and diseases. This year, in many areas, farmers had to deal with the locust attack. If the farmer somehow survives all this, he has to confront the market system.

Farmers are continually struggling with various issues like rain for dryland agriculture, fertilizers, seeds, credit supply, affordable guarantees, and markets. The motto of ‘Good farming, moderate trade and secondary jobs’ is changing. Now the objective is ‘Good jobs, moderate trade and secondary agriculture.’ The reasons mentioned above are responsible for this situation. Therefore, it is necessary to make conscious efforts to give a new impetus to the agricultural sector in our economy.

MLA Rohitdada Pawar is working hard on various aspects of agriculture like increasing production by adding modernity to traditional agriculture, getting market and guaranteed prices for agricultural commodities. He strives to elevate farmers’ living standards with the help of the latest technologies, innovations, and modern machinery in the field of agriculture. He is putting efforts to provide quality seeds, fertilizers, implements, and new research, which are not only limited to the agricultural universities, but they also reach the fields, and through this, farmers will become prosperous. Baramati Krishi Vigyan Kendra is conducting various experiments in agrarian technology. Shri. Rajendra Dada Pawar, the father of Rohit Dada, is heading this institute. Overall, MLA Rohit Dada is working to ensure that every farmer in the state is empowered and can overcome any impending crisis.