Employment , Skill Development

We must empower our country’s industrial sector if we want to make India an economic superpower. Only skilled youth can do the job of boosting the country’s economy. Skills and knowledge are essential for the economic and social development of any country. There is no doubt that if we empower our youth with skills and knowledge, then they can face any challenge with ease. All the countries in the world are focusing on employment and skill development programs for their youth. Our country has a huge population of young people and our economy can benefit only when our youth is educated, skilled and healthy. As many as 60-65 crores population in our country is below the age of 25. This young generation can become representatives of transformation by acquiring useful skills for employment. This will improve their standard of living and they can become a foundation for the next generations. Our country can significantly impact the global economy with its skilled workforce. Recognizing the industry’s need for the future market and building a skilled workforce is the need of the hour. MLA Rohit Dada Pawar’s objective is to eradicate urban and rural unemployment by empowering the youth.

Rohit Dada wants to unite the youth from all the sections of the society, make them ready for employment and impart them with necessary skills training. He is always committed to providing space for setting up of industries, providing loans through various Central and State Governments schemes and connect the youth with successful entrepreneurs and experts in the business who can guide them effectively.