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Rohit Pawar

MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly, Karjat – Jamkhed)

Rohit Rajendra Pawar is hailed as the young face of Maharashtra Politics. He envisions building a better Maharashtra where everyone has a fair chance to succeed. As the CEO of Baramati Agro Pvt Ltd, he has made a remarkable contribution to the Agriculture Industry. He has successfully held the position as the Youngest President of ISMA in 2018-2019. He started his political career as the Pune Zilla Parishad Member from Shrisufal in Baramati Taluka in 2017. He is carrying forward his family legacy set by his grandfather- Padmashree Shri. Appasaheb Pawar, NCP chief Shri. Sharad Pawar and parents Rajendra Pawar and Sunandatai Pawar ensuring enhanced growth and sustainable development in the socio-political spectrum.

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Rohit Pawar believes that the purpose of education is not only to make a person literate but also to make him/her Self-Reliant and Self-Sufficient. He aims to transcend Caste, Religion, and language through education and bring everyone together on humanitarian grounds. His Motto towards Education is; Equal opportunities and Highest Quality Education for all. Rohit Pawar always emphasizes that Modernization should be done in educational institutions in every corner of Maharashtra, whether it is government or private.

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Rohit Pawar is insistent on building a Modern Industrialized Maharashtra. He is putting efforts to establish Maharashtra as a Global Industrial State. He is focused on empowering micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). According to him, if the state’s industrial economy is to gain momentum, the government must empower MSMEs. Only then can millions of young people get jobs, and we can rebuild Maharashtra as an industrial state. His dream is to establish Maharashtra as the priority state to set up industries and start ups nationally and globally.

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Rohit Pawar strives to elevate farmers' living standards with the help of the latest technologies, innovations, and modern machinery in the field of Agriculture. He believes in working towards providing quality seeds, fertilizers, and basic implements and conducting new research in agriculture universities to reach farmers' fields and make their life prosperous. To uplift Farming, he worked on the Mechanisation of Agriculture, Improvising Drip Irrigation, and Vaccination camps for Animals to tackle Lumpy Skin disease.

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Rohit Pawar aims to unite the Youth from all sections of society, make them ready for employment and impart them with necessary skills training. He is always committed to providing space for setting up industries, providing loans through various Central and State Governments schemes, and connecting the youth with successful entrepreneurs and experts in the business who can guide them effectively. Through Srujan Foundation Rohit Pawar has provided a platform for Youth that creates opportunities for them across the State and the country, it aims to recognize and value potential youth.

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Rohit Pawar’s idea for Good Governance involves Modern Technology and Modern Infrastructure which can bring administrative functions in urban and rural areas more transparent, fast, and accurate. He strongly believes in the concept of governing rather than the Idea of Ruling. For him, prompt delivery of the Central and State Governments Schemes is essential and it should reach the last person in society

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Rohit Pawar stressed 'Free Healthcare with Better Amenities' as his priority; During the sudden outbreak of COVID 19, where the whole world was put behind doors; Rohit showed his comprehensive approach by helping people as he preferred to walk around Karjat-Jamkhed. From starting Jumbo Covid Centers to Providing Healthcare Camps to 17009 pilgrims going to Pandharpur for Ashadhi Ekadashi he always stepped in front. His efforts made COVID-19 deaths in Karjat Jamkhed Constituency the lowest in the Ahmednagar district.

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Rohit Pawar is devoted to empowering women. He aims to develop an environment where women can live with dignity and contribute as equal partners in development, where they are free from violence and discrimination. He is concerned about women's safety. Considering the rise in criminal cases against women, Rohit Pawar started the ‘Bharosa Cell’ which strives for Women’s Justice. He also focused on strengthening women's SHGs and Upskilling women by Providing Skill Development Programmes and Infrastructure so that women can become financially Independent.

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Rohit Pawar believes, a drought-free and prosperous Maharashtra can only be created by fostering social unity and providing scale to proven solutions and technologies, ensuring water conservation, planned management, and sustainable use of every drop of water. He aims to overcome the water stress situation and support welfare work for the farmer’s fraternity for which an ambitious sustainable watershed development program ‘Parivartan Parva’ launched by him to make Karjat and Jamkhed talukas water self-reliant.

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